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Why Educate Through Multimedia?

Gone are the days of traditional education that was confined to tiresome lectures and silent books only. Today, multimedia has become an important part of education all over the world. Now educational institutes have become more conscious of how they impart knowledge to the aspirant minds.What is multimedia?Multimedia refers using more than one medium, such as audio, visual tools or both. It involves using five basic type media such as:· Text
· Video
· Sound
· Graphics
· AnimationA few or all of these components are combined together to make education more purposeful. It offers immense benefits to students as well as teachers. The main advantages are briefly discussed here:EffectivenessWith the use of multimedia, students are better able to comprehend what they are being taught at school, college or university. Learning becomes more effective for them. When multiple senses work together, human mind catches information readily and absorbs it fully. Usually, students at primary and secondary level are not smart enough to understand complicated things instantly. With the use of graphics, sounds and animation etc. their comprehension power increases substantially.FascinationMajority of learners are greatly fascinated by multimedia. For instance, a lecturer who is constantly speaking in front of a rostrum can make students feel bored or sleepy. On the other hand, same content delivered through computerized system full of colorful text, appealing graphics, clear sounds and animation attracts their attention. The same information remains vivid in their mind for a longer time, when it is conveyed using multimedia technology. For young ones and school-going students, this is a great way to keep them stuck for hours and increase their attention span.Interactive learningWhen students interact during class, it gives them an opportunity to learn in a better way. With the use of various software, they can do self-assessment as well. This is a huge benefit offered by multimedia. Now there is no need to stand in queue and wait to get answers checked by teacher. Use quick and reliable educational software instead. Most experts are strongly emphasizing the importance of interactive learning. Since, it is student-based; it offers more advantages than traditional education. Now learners are not listeners only but active participants in the class room.Personal developmentIt might sound strange, but it is a proven fact that interactive learning, especially with multimedia helps a lot in shaping personality of the students. They become more independent by doing self-study and self-evaluation. Moreover, when their learning skills are improved, they get more confident. It teaches them to learn things in a systematic and disciplined manner.Academic performanceStudents perform better in assessment, when they are taught through multimedia. This is true only when curriculum is carefully planned and the methods of imparting knowledge are highly effective. A computer software with poor sound and blurred or extremely sharp images will rather hinder the ability to grasp quickly and frustrate the learner. Therefore, all the devices and tools must be working perfectly.